Rusian genealogy

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About this site

The research, writing, and methodology behind the genealogical information on this site is the work of Christian Raffensperger (, and a hard copy version of this information is undergoing review for publiction. Chris has been assisted in a variety of ways, specifically data entry and data collection, by faculty aides (paid for through the faculty aide program at Wittenberg University and supported by the Russian and Central Eurasian Studies Program), including Adam Matthews, Kelsey Mazur and Jaymi Green, whose help has been invaluable. The translation of this work to an interactive Internet-based workstation environment was initially designed, developed, and implemented by David J. Birnbaum (,, and subsequently improved and expanded in collaboration with Jacob Deitloff, who also designed and implemented the family-tree visualization system. A more substantial discussion of the methodology and technology behind this site has been published as Christian Raffensperger and David J. Birnbaum, Mapping history: using technology to showcase medieval familial interconnectivity. Festschrift in Honor of Orysia Karapinka in Russian History/Histoire Russe 37:4 (2010), 305–21.