Rusian genealogy

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Adalbert “of Babenburg” of the German Empire
Adelaide Daughter of Almos of Hungary
Adele of Vermandois of France
Adelheid daughter of Andrew of Hungary
Agafia Iaroslavna
Agafia Rostislavna
Agafia Vladimirovna
Agnes of the German Empire
Almos of Hungary
Anastasia Iaroslavna
Andrei “Bogoliubskii” Iurevich
Andrei Vladimirich
Andrew of Hungary
Anna Iaroslavna
Anna “Porphyrogenita” of Byzantium


Bashkord of Polovtsy
Bela of Hungary
Bernhard of the German Empire
Bertha of Holland of France
Bertrada of Anjou of France
Bolesław I “Chrobry” of Poland
Bolesław II “the Bold” of Poland
Bolesław III of Poland
Bolesław IV of Poland
Bolesław “the Tall” of Poland
Borghild Olafsdottir of Norway
Boris Iurevich
Boris Kolomanovich of Hungary
Boris Viacheslavich
Boris Vladimirich
Boris Vseslavich
Boris Vsevolodkovich
Briacheslav Davidich
Briacheslav Iziaslavich
Briacheslav Sviatopolchich
Bulgar woman
Béla II of Hungary


Casimir “the Restorer” of Poland
Christina of England
Cunigunda of the German Empire
Cuno of Beichlingen of the German Empire


David of Hungary
David Igorich
David Rostislavich
David Sviatoslavich
David Vseslavich
Dmitrii Zavidich
Dobronega-Maria Vladimirovna


Edgar “Aethling” of England
Edward “the Exile” of England
Elena daughter of the ruler of the Ossetians of Ossetia
Elisabeth Iaroslavna
Eric “Emune” Ericsson of Denmark
Erling “Skakki” of Norway
Ethla of Wendland
Eustafii Mstislavich
Evfimiia Vladimirovna
Evfrosiniia Iaroslavna
Evfrosiniia Mstislavna
Evpraksia Vsevolodovna


First Czech woman of Bohemia


Gertrude of Poland
Geza II of Hungary
Gleb Iurevich
Gleb Olgovich
Gleb Rostislavich
Gleb Sviatoslavich
Gleb Vladimirich
Gleb Vseslavich
Gleb Vsevolodkovich
Gordislava Rostislavna
Greek nun of Byzantium
Gunther “Count of Keffenberg” of the German Empire
Gyða Haroldsdottir


Harald “Hardrada” Sigurtharson of Norway
Hedwig Daughter of Almos of Hungary
Henry I Capet of France
Henry III of the German Empire
Henry III “the Long” of Stade of the German Empire
Henry IV of the German Empire
Hugh “of Vermandois” of France


Iakhus “of Mekhov” of Poland
Ianka Vsevolodovna
Iaropolk Iziaslavich (d. 1086 )
Iaropolk Iziaslavich (d. 1170 )
Iaropolk Sviatoslavich
Iaropolk Vladimirich
Iaroslav Iaropolchich
Iaroslav Iurevich
Iaroslav “Mudryi” Vladimirich
Iaroslav Sviatopolchich
Iaroslav Sviatoslavich
Iaroslav Vladimirkovich
Iaroslav Vsevolodich
Igor′ Iaroslavich
Igor′ Olgovich
Igor′ Sviatoslavich
Ilia Iaroslavich
Ingeborg Mstislavna
Ingigerd of Sweden (d. 1050 )
Ingigerd of Norway (d. unknown )
Ioann Vsevolodich
Iurii “Dolgorukii” Vladimirich
Iurii Iaroslavich (d. 1170 )
Iurii Iaroslavich (d. 1174 )
Ivan Rogvolodich
Ivan Vasilkovich
Ivanko Iurevich
Iziaslav Davidich
Iziaslav Glebovich
Iziaslav Iaroslavich
Iziaslav Mstislavich
Iziaslav Sviatopolchich
Iziaslav Vladimirich (d. 1001 )
Iziaslav Vladimirich (d. 1096 )


Jelena daughter of Uroš I of Serbia
Judith daughter of Henry III of the German Empire
Judith daughter of Vratislav II of Bohemia


Katerina Vsevolodovna
Katrina Knudsdottir of Denmark
Knud “Lavard” Ericsson of Denmark
Koloman of Hungary
Konstantin Petrovich of Poland
Kristin Ingesdottir of Sweden
Kristin Knudsdottir of Denmark
Kristin Sigurdsdottir of Norway


Ladislaus of Hungary
Lanka daughter of Bela I of Hungary
Leo Diogenes of Byzantium
Levente of Hungary


Magnus “the Blind” Sigurdsson of Norway
Malcolm III of Scotland
Malfrid Mstislavna
Malusha Malkovna
Margaret of England
Margret Knudsdottir of Denmark
Maria of Norway (d. 1066 )
Maria of Ossetia (d. 1205 )
Maria Mstislavna
Maria Sviatoslavna
Marija Sviatopolkovna
Marija Vladimirovna
Mieszko of Poland (d. 1065 )
Mieszko of Poland (d. 1089 )
Mieszko II of Poland
Mikhailko Iurevich
Mikhailko Viacheslavich
Monomakhina of Byzantium
Mstislav “Harald” Vladimirich
Mstislav Iurevich
Mstislav Iziaslavich
Mstislav “Khrabryi” Vladimirich
Mstislav Sviatopolchich
Mstislav Vladimirich (d. unknown )
Mstislav Vladimirich (d. unknown )
Mstislav Vsevolodich
Mstislav Vsevolodkovich


N. N. (d. 1154 )
N. N. of Byzantium (d. unknown )
N. N. Andreevna
N. N. Daughter of the Ban of Croatia of Croatia
N. N.
N. N. Glebovna
N. N. Iaropolkovna (d. 1158 )
N. N. Iaropolkovna (d. unknown )
N. N. Iurevna
N. N. Iziaslavna (d. 1189 )
N. N. Iziaslavna (d. unknown )
N. N. Komnena of Byzantium
N. N. Mstislavna (d. unknown )
N. N. Mstislavna (d. unknown )
N. N. “Ol′ga” Iurevna
N. N. Rostislavna
N. N. Sviatoslavna
N. N. Vasilkovna (d. unknown )
N. N. Vasilkovna (d. unknown )
N. N. Vasilkovna (d. unknown )
N. N. Vsevolodkovna (d. unknown )
N. N. Vsevolodkovna (d. unknown )
N. N. daughter of Tugorkhan of Polovtsy
N. N. daughter of the tsar of Abkhaz of Abkhaz
N. N. granddaughter of Tugorkhan of Polovtsy
N.N. (d. 1162 )
N.N. (d. 1166 )
N.N. (d. 1176 )
N.N. (d. unknown )
N.N. Boleslavna of Poland
N.N. Daughter of Bolesław III of Poland
N.N. “Evdoksia” Iziaslavna
N.N. Mstislavna
N.N. Petrovna of Poland
N.N. “Premislava” Vladimirovna
N.N. Son of Koloman of Hungary
N.N. “Tsarevich” Comnenus of Byzantium
N.N. Vladimirovna
N.N. Volodarovna (d. unknown )
N.N. Volodarovna (d. unknown )
N.N. daughter of Khan Aepa of Polovtsy (d. 1136 )
N.N. daughter of Khan Aepa of Polovtsy (d. 1162 )
N.N. daughter of Władysław Herman of Poland
N.N. of Moravia of Bohemia
N.N. wife of Rostislav Mstislavich


Oda of Stade of the German Empire
Olav Sveinsson of Denmark
Oleg “Goreslavich” Sviatoslavich
Oleg Sviatoslavich (d. 0977 )
Oleg Sviatoslavich (d. 1178 )
Otto of Poland


Petrovna Mikhailovitsa
Philip of France
Piotr Wlostiwic of Poland
Pozvizd Vladimirich
Predslava Rostislavna
Predslava Sviatopolkovna
Predslava Vladimirovna
Pribyslava Iaroslavna


Raoul de Crépy of France
Ratibor of Pomerania of Pomerania
Richeza of the German Empire (d. unknown )
Richeza of Poland (d. unknown )
Riurik Rostislavich
Robert of France
Rogned′ Mstislavna
Rogvolod Borisich
Rogvolod Vseslavich
Roman Iurevich
Roman Rostislavich
Roman Sviatoslavich
Roman Vladimirich
Roman Vseslavich
Rostislav Davidich
Rostislav Glebovich
Rostislav Iaroslavich
Rostislav Iurevich
Rostislav Mstislavich (d. 1093 )
Rostislav Mstislavich (d. 1168 )
Rostislav Vladimirich
Rostislav Volodarich
Rostislav Vseslavich
Rostislav Vsevolodovich


Salomea of the German Empire
Salomon of Hungary
Sbyslava Sviatopolkovna
Second Czech woman of Bohemia
Sigurd “the Crusader” Magnusson of Norway
Sobĕslav of Bohemia
Sofia Iaroslavna
Stanislav Vladimirich
Stig “Whiteskin” of Denmark
Sudislav Vladimirich
Sviatopolk Iaropolchich
Sviatopolk Iziaslavich
Sviatopolk Mstislavich
Sviatosha Davidich
Sviatoslav Iaroslavich (d. 1076 )
Sviatoslav Iaroslavich (d. 1145 )
Sviatoslav Igorich
Sviatoslav Iurevich
Sviatoslav Olgovich
Sviatoslav Petrovich of Poland
Sviatoslav Vladimirich (d. 1015 )
Sviatoslav Vladimirich (d. 1114 )
Sviatoslav Vladimirich (d. 1167 )
Sviatoslav Vseslavich
Sviatoslav Vsevolodich
Sviatoslava of Poland


Valdemar Knudsson of Denmark
Vasilko Iurevich
Vasilko Marichich
Vasilli Rogvolodich
Vasil′ko Rostislavich
Vasil′ko Sviatoslavich
Viacheslav Iaropolchich
Viacheslav Iaroslavich (d. 1057 )
Viacheslav Iaroslavich (d. unknown )
Viacheslav Vladimirich
Vierchoslava Vsevolodovna
Vladimir Andreiich
Vladimir Davidich
Vladimir Iaroslavich
Vladimir “Monomakh” Vsevolodich
Vladimir Mstislavich
Vladimir Sviatoslavich
Vladimirko Volodarich
Volodar′ Glebovich
Volodar′ Rostislavich
Volodimer Svjatoslavič
Volodimer Vsevolodich
Vratislav of Bohemia
Vratislav II of Bohemia
Vseslav Briacheslavich
Vseslav Iziaslavich
Vsevolod “Big Nest” Iurevich
Vsevolod Davidich
Vsevolod Glebovich
Vsevolod Iaroslavich
Vsevolod Igorich
Vsevolod Mstislavich
Vsevolod Olgovich
Vsevolod Sviatoslavich
Vsevolod Vladimirich
Vsevolodko Davidich
Vysheslav Vladimirich
Vysheslava Sviatoslavna


Władysław Herman of Poland
Władysław II of Poland


Xenia Briacheslavna


Zavid Dmitrievich
Zvenislava Borisovna
Zvenislava Vsevolodovna


Ástríth Olafsdottir of Sweden


Óláf “Skötkonnung” Eiríksson of Sweden
Óláf “the Stout” Haraldsson of Norway