Rusian genealogy

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Agafia Vladimirovna

b. unknown – d. unknown


Vladimir “Monomakh” Vsevolodich [2]


Gyða Haroldsdottir [3]


Vsevolodko Davydič was the great grandson of Jaroslav Mudryi, and the grandson of Jaroslav’s youngest son, Igor′. His father, Davyd Igorič, led quite an eventful life, but Vsevolodko appears just a few times in the primary sources, primarily as the ruler of the small city of Hrodna. [5] His marriage was arranged after his father’s death at the behest of Volodimer Vsevolodič, then ruling in Kyiv, who married his daughter Agafia to Vsevolodko. [6] There is no reason for the marriage apparent in the Hypatian Chronicle entry for 1116, but it seems clear that Volodimer was attempting to tie this collateral branch of the Volodimeroviči in with his own, thereby reinforcing his, and his son’s rule. In fact, Vsevolodko is portrayed, after this time, as “brother” to M′stislav Volodimerič, and at his beck and call for military operations along with his natal brothers. [7] Thus, it appears that the marriage served that purpose at the least, and demonstrated the ability of the ruler of Kyiv to arrange marriages both for his own advantage and to tie the larger Volodimeroviči family together.


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