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N. N. Iziaslavna

b. unknown – d. unknown


Iziaslav Mstislavich [2]


unknown [3]


The marriage of Rogvolod Borisič of Polack and a daughter of Izjaslav M′stislavič of Perejaslavl′ is one of the first to be noted including a wedding in the chronicles. Multiple chronicles record a gala affair in Perejaslavl′ attended by both families as well as the ruler of Kyiv, Vsevolod Ol′govič, and all of his boyars. [5] This was the second wedding of the year with the broader family of Polack rulers, but arranged with different lines of the broader Jaroslav Volodimerič clan. The specific purpose of the marriage, if any, is unknown, but the marriage does continue the effort of tying the Polack rulers back into the larger web of Rusian politics. In this particular case, the line of Rogvolod Borisič, son of Boris Vseslavič, is being tied to the M′stislaviči, while both Glěb Vseslavič and his son Rostislav Glěbovič were tied into the Izjaslaviči, and Vasil′ko Svjatoslavič, son of Svjatoslav Vseslavič, the then current ruler of Polack was himself tied into the line of Svjatoslaviči. The three main feuding branches of Jaroslaviči were each allying themselves with a different son of Vseslav Briačeslavič and their respective lines.

This marriage worked out well for the parties involved as Izjaslav M′stislavič will work, a decade later, to make sure that his son–in–law is put on the throne of Polack. [6] Moreover, as ruler of Kyiv, he will act against the Izjaslaviči–allied line of Polack rulers, helping to remove Rostislav Glěbovič that same year, as well as moving against Rostislav’s brother–in–law, Jurij Jaroslavič of Turov. [7] Though the situation will once again change and Rogvolod will be removed from power after internal struggles, [8] the marriage clearly had a purpose and the familial ties were subsequently acted upon to the benefit of all involved parties, reinforcing the idea and execution of the dynastic marriage.


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