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N.N. Volodarovna

b. unknown – d. unknown


Volodar′ Rostislavich [2]


unknown [3]


The first mention of Roman, son of Volodimer “Monomax” Vsevolodič, in the Rusian chronicles comes with his dynastic marriage to a daughter of Volodar′ Rostislavič in 1113. [5] Though not the first intra-Rusian dynastic marriage, it is part of the same complex of alliances as the marriage between Jaroslav Svjatopolčič and a daughter of M′stislav Volodimerič. [6] In 1113, Volodimer Monomax was newly installed in Kyiv and his largest internal problem was the growing split between his family and that of the Izjaslaviči, represented at the time by Jaroslav Svjatopolčič. This was especially true as Volodimer may have already been envisioning a transition to lineal, rather than lateral, succession and the installation of his son M′stislav in Bilhorod, [7] a move which would have removed the remaining Izjaslaviči from the succession to Kyiv completely. The marriage of Roman Volodimerič seems designed to assist in managing this fraught relationship. Volodar′ Rostislavič was the longtime ruler of Peremyšl in Halyč, and a neighbor of Jaroslav Svjatopolčič who was ruling in Volodymyr. Though Volodar′ and his brother Vasil′ko were treated poorly by Jaroslav’s father, Svjatopolk Izjaslavič, they were on good terms with Jaroslav . [8] Thus the marriage would have served the purpose of strengthening Monomaxoviči ties with a particularly troublesome area for the family. Unfortunately for Rus´, these marriages did not serve to keep the peace, and Jaroslav and Volodimer were at war only a few years after the conclusion of this marriage. Whether or not this marriage, like Jaroslav ’s, would have ended in repudiation is unknown, as Roman died in 1119 after only six years of marriage, and after holding Jaroslav’s territory of Volodymyr for just a year. [9]


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