Rusian genealogy

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Ilia Iaroslavich [1]

b. unknown – d. unknown [2]


Iaroslav “Mudryi” Vladimirich Georgii [3]


unknown [4]



  1. Name: NPL p. 161.[↑]
  2. Birth/Death: unknown.[↑]
  3. Father: NPL p. 161.[↑]
  4. Mother: Nazarenko (2001), 490–91.[↑]
  5. Kniaz′ of Novgorod: NPL p. 161.; Ilia is listed in the NPL’s list of rulers of Novgorod as Iaroslav’s son, who ruled in Novgorod after Iaroslav had gone to Kiev. 1018 is the year that Iaroslav assumes authority in Kiev, and thus this is the year I have assigned as the start of Ilia's reign in Novogord.; NPL p. 161.; Ilia's reign in noted only briefly in the NPL, and without years, however the next ruler in Novgorod is the usurper Briacheslav Iziaslavich in 1021, whose task may have been easier with no one on the throne in Novogorod. Thus I have placed Ilia's death in 1120.[↑]