Rusian genealogy

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Ivan Vasilkovich

b. unknown – d. 1141 [1]


Vasil′ko Rostislavich [2]


unknown [3]


Ivan Vasilkovič appears only in the Hypatian chronicle, and only in two entries, under the years 1140 and 1141 where in 1140 he is seen ruling part of Halyč with his cousin Volodimerko Volodarich, and then in 1141 his death is recorded. [5] There is no marriage or a hint of a marriage in the primary sources as far as can be determined. However, Baumgarten lists a marriage of Ivan Vasilkovič, who he refers to as Igor′, with a daughter of Vsevolod Ol′govič, Anna. [6] As I have been unable to find this “Anna” or evidence of a marriage of Ivan’s in the primary sources, I would suggest that this marriage does not, in fact, exist, and I have only listed it here in deference to Baumgarten’s inclusion of the marriage in his tables.


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