Rusian genealogy

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Richeza of Poland

b. unknown – d. unknown


Bolesław III of Poland [2]


Salomea of the German Empire [3]



  1. Birth/Death: [↑]
  2. Father: Balzer, Genealogia Piastów, 150–51[↑]
  3. Mother: Balzer, Genealogia Piastów, 150–51[↑]
  4. Marriage to Volodimer Vsevolodich: Knytlinga Saga, 242.; Finnur Jonsson, Fagrskinna, Noregs kononga tal (Copenhagen: S.L. Mollers Bogtrykkeri, 1902-1903), 300.; In both instances, her husband's name is listed as Valadar, king of Polinalande.[↑]