Rusian genealogy

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It is clear from multiple chronicle sources that Vsevolod M′stislavič married in 1123, but who he married is just as unclear. [5] The NPL, NČL, and Nikon chronicles all record Vsevolod’s marriage in Novgorod, where he was ruling, in that year. Similarly, there are records for the birth of a son, Ioann, a few years later, and then that son’s death in 1128. [6] The name of a wife or even the hint of a wife’s name never appears in any of the chronicles. However, Baumgarten, following Zotov, lists her as a daughter of Svjatoslav Davydič of Černihiv. [7] This is purely conjectural, as far as I can determine, based upon a close reading of the progress of names in the chronicle entry. As such, I simply do not believe that it can be substantiated as there is no primary source evidence for her identity. It is clear that there was a woman involved, but her identity is simply unknown. [8]


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