Rusian genealogy

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Vasil′ko Rostislavich

b. unknown – d. 1124 [1]


Rostislav Vladimirich [2]


Lanka daughter of Bela I of Hungary [3]




  1. Birth/Death: Laurentian Chronicle, s.a. 1124.; Hypatian Chronicle s.a. 1124.[↑]
  2. Father: PVL s.a. 1081.[↑]
  3. Mother: Conjectural based upon Rostislav's marriage.; Dynasty of Chernigov, 60n60.[↑]
  4. Kniaz′ of Vladimir: PVL s.a. 1084.; PVL s.a. 1084.[↑]
  5. Kniaz′ of Terebovl: PVL s.a. 1097.; Vasil′ko is recognized as ruling in Terebovl in 1097, but it is likely that he was ruling there before this date as well.; PVL s.a. 1097.; Vasil′ko's capture and blinding definitely represent a break in his rule of Terebovl.[↑]
  6. Kniaz′ of Terebovl: PVL s.a. 1098.; Vasil′ko is restored to the throne of Terebovl in the same chronicle entry that he is removed, though it is most likely the next year (see PVL s.a. 1098 for events of the same year which were also recorded under PVL s.a. 1097).; Laurentian Chronicle, s.a. 1124.; Hypatian Chronicle s.a. 1124.[↑]
  7. Marriage to unknown: Conjectural based upon a child cited in the Hypatian Chronicle s.a. 1140.[↑]