Rusian genealogy

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Vsevolod Glebovich

b. before 1119 – d. after 1159 [1]


Gleb Vseslavich [2]


N. N. Iaropolkovna [3]



  1. Birth/Death: Conjectural based upon the death of Gleb Vseslavich in 1119.; This is the last mention of him in the sources.; Hypatian Chronicle, s.a. 1159.[↑]
  2. Father: Hypatian Chronicle, s.a. 1144.[↑]
  3. Mother: Conjectural based upon Gleb Vseslavich's marital history.[↑]
  4. Kniaz′ of Iziaslavl′: Hypatian Chronicle, s.a. 1159, mentions him as already there.; Hypatian Chronicle, s.a. 1159.[↑]
  5. Kniaz′ of Strezhev: Hypatian Chronicle, s.a. 1159.; Hypatian Chronicle, s.a. 1159 is the last mention of him in the sources.[↑]